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How to Dry Flowers

You know what really makes a room look artistic and aesthetic?  Dried flowers. Drying flowers and plants sounds very simple, but there’s a more effective way to get the job done than simply leaving the cut flowers out until they shrivel up.  Perfectly dehydrated flowers retain most of their original pigment and shape, and their petals are crisped rather than curled up like prunes.  My mom, a self-proclaimed expert on verdure and plants, taught me some simple steps to drying flowers which I will now be sharing with all of you!

1. Cut the flowers just before they are completely opened.  

2. Bundle the flowers together at the ends of their stems with a rubber band

3. Take the bundle of flowers and hang them upside down.  I personally like to wrap a bit of the rubber band, which was used to tie the flowers together, onto a hook on the wall.  You can also use clothespins and string to hang your flowers.

4. Wait a few weeks until your flowers are not moist to the touch!

Voila!  Now you have a batch of perfectly dried flowers that you can place in a pretty vase or wicker basket to add some detail to your room.

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