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Justine’s Fashion Tips

I honestly had no interest in clothing until the summer of 2019, when I discovered a love for thrifting.  Shopping at Value Village sparked an interest for clothes in me; finding a cool, unique piece at the store felt like stumbling upon a hidden treasure.  When I put together outfits, I think it’s fun to challenge myself to avoid those generic sweater-and-leggings looks; fashion is all about discovering your own individualistic style and experimenting with different pieces!  Here are some of my own fashion tips:

Find an over-sized jacket with a unique texture or cool pattern.  Personally, I love men’s corduroy jackets because they’re generally pretty loose and comfortable on me; a lot of my favourite throws were actually discovered at the back of my dad or grandpa’s closet.  If you’re looking for some cool pieces that none of your gal pals will have, go take a peek in the men’s section!  With these large jackets, you can literally wear anything you want underneath, whether it be sweats and a tank top or a dress, and layer the throw over it.

Baggy jeans.  If you have a lot of fitting shirts, like tank tops or turtlenecks, you can style them with baggy jeans to create a casual look!

Puffed sleeves.  Kudos to all those who are brave enough to wear puffed sleeves to school!  Although it hasn’t happened yet, I strongly, strongly believe that puffed sleeved shirts are coming back in style – go get yourself some before they become the new norm!

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