Wondering What Path to Take After High School?

One thing teens often scrutinize over is what path to take after high school. Often times, I wonder to myself, What do I want to do when I am older? This is a question I’m sure many of us high school students have asked ourselves as we approach post-secondary education, as deadlines for course selection near. Although I cannot answer this question for you, as it is one you must answer for yourself, I can relay some good advice that I’ve gathered over the years. First, keep in mind that we always have choices. No matter what path you decide to take after high school, you have the choice to change your mind later on. My parents have told me countless stories of their own high school and University classmates, friends who pursued a career and then decided to take a different route. All these friends and classmates of theirs changed their minds at different stages of life: after getting married, after years of working in one particular field, and even after one semester of post-secondary education. Even if changing direction takes time, know that your life does not stop abruptly just because you have decided to take a different pathway than the one you originally chose. For those who are struggling to decide on what program to take after high school, my advice is to talk to people who are in the programs that you are interested in. Talk to people who are working in the fields that you are interested in. Educate yourself! As a planner, I also like to think of my goals and then work backward. What is your goal? What program can you take to get there? Then, what high school courses are you required to take to get into the post-secondary program? Again, remember that people can grow and change over time. Your dreams and goals can change over time as well. It’s good to have a fine list of things you’re interested in pursuing, but still keep your doors open. There are no limits or bounds to what you can do after high school, or what you can do even after you’ve started a particular post-secondary program; nothing is finite.

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