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Double Checking

Why did I make careless mistakes on my math test?

This is actually a question I keep asking myself after I received my last math test back.  I immediately noticed that my mark was a lot lower than I had expected it to be, and I have been scolding myself ever since.  Hopefully, this post will provide some advice to those of you who experience this problem every now and then. My advice is to DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK.  I can’t stress this enough! I think many people overlook double checking their work, especially when the bell is about to ring or when it seems like the test was extremely easy.  However, if your mistakes are careless ones and you know you knew the answers to particular questions, the obvious solution is to be more vigilant and careful when looking over all your answers.  Most people make silly mistakes while solving algebraic equations, so make sure to do a Left Side – Right Side Check after you finish solving the equation.  

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