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How to Get Better at Math

Doing math is like riding a roller coaster, because there are so many ups and downs to math that cause you to feel either feel exhilarated or incredibly stressed.  There are satisfying moments when all the puzzle pieces click, but there are also times when you just can’t find the answer to the problem or you can’t grasp what you are trying to learn no matter how hard your brain is straining.

Why is math so challenging, and how can I get better at math?

First of all, you’re not alone.  I’m always confused as to why I can completely understand one math lesson, but have more difficulty comprehending the next.  And I know a whole lot of people who feel the same. I also think it’s important to remember that being bad at a particular strand or aspect of the subject math doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a bad student.  I perform very well at school, but math is a bit more challenging than my other subjects, and I think this situation is very common for others. Often, math is what you make it. If you keep telling yourself that math is so, so hard and you’re just not good at it, then you won’t be.  It’s important to maintain a positive attitude when learning new things and solving problems. To boost your morale and get better at math, I suggest getting more sleep, taking appropriate breaks when you start feeling burnt out, asking questions when you are struggling, and practicing solving math problems.  If you want to take it one step further, you can also talk to someone about your struggles. Sometimes ranting about something relieves stress, which makes it easier to concentrate afterwards.

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