July 29, 2016

Pokemon Go or Pokemon No?

Pokemon Go is the new, popular video game that millions of people play on their phones or tablets.  To play, you walk around outside while looking at your device screen to catch creatures called Pokemon. Playing Pokemon Go is a great way to get outside and exercise while walking around hoping to catch some Pokemon.  

 Although the game is fun and allows people to get outdoors, it has also been getting many players into horrific accidents.  While having their eyes glued to the device screen, and not paying attention to their surroundings, players have been crashing into walls and street lights.  People have been posting their injuries caused by playing Pokemon Go on Facebook and other social medias, and the topic has even been discussed on the news.  Cuts, bruises, chipped teeth and more have made many cautious of the game.  Should it be called Pokemon Go or Pokemon “No”?

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